renda and the team investigate the death of a high profile Hollywood producer, Dick Pruitt. The man was found floating in his hot tub and was seemingly alone. The autopsy reveals that he was quite drunk and his expensive toupee was pulled off, perhaps indicating a struggle. The presence of a wet robe suggests to Brenda that it may have been used to restrain the dead man and hold him under water. His wife had left with their 3 year-old a few days before and there are signs that he may have been physical with her. Her parents provide her with an airtight alibi however. Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Pope has to look into allegations of professional misconduct on Brenda's part when the Department receives anonymous allegations about her relationship with the DA's office and the FBI. Captain Taylor has obviously had a hand in all of this and Pope makes it quite clear to him that any attempt at collusion will result in Taylor being investigated. Fritz suggests to Brenda that they move in together.

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