renda and the team deal with a complex case involving the death of a fellow LAPD officer, Tim Martin, who is found dead in a warehouse along with another dead man, presumably the man who shot and killed him. That other man was known as being quite dangerous and Brenda can't quite figure out why Martin would meet him alone in warehouse when he was supposedly off duty. Looking at all of the evidence, she concludes there had to be a third person in the warehouse. Brenda's style of investigating the death of a policeman rankles everyone however, including Assistant Chief Pope and newly promoted Commander Taylor. She doesn't hesitate to look into Martin's background - he was something of a womanizer, as it turns out - and that of his partners, Detectives Hubbard and Xavier. Meanwhile, Fritz is still waiting for Brenda's decision on them moving in together. He's also worried that Pope will ask Brenda out on a date now that his wife has filed for divorce.

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