renda and the Major Crimes unit have just moved into their offices at the new police headquarters when they are called to investigate the murder of Steven Beebe an amateur astronomer who it would seem was shot while out on his balcony. He's been having an affair with the married Cherie Walker, who had hired him to do repairs on her house. Cherie was in his bed when he was killed but Cherie claims she was sound asleep when it happened. He had a history of sleeping with customers but other than that, his employees Melanie and Paul Ryder say he was a good, reliable boss. The police soon determine that he was shot with a high-powered rifle from the Walker's house, which is in direct line of sight with Beebe's balcony. Beebe's computer password is the clue that leads to the identity of the killer. Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Pope tells everyone there's going to be a major announcement.

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