ust a few days before Christmas, Brenda and the Major Crimes unit finds itself dealing with a man who was run over and killed by a police car just outside a shopping mall. The dead man, Shariq Marku, was in the process of trying to kill a man he'd seen in the mall and in the struggle was pushed into the path of the police car that was responding to 911 calls from several bystanders. Brenda agrees to take the case, much to Captain Raydor's pleasure, as it seems to be pretty open and shut. The other man, whom Shariq tried kill, is his son Armand Marcu. Armand claims that his Albanian Muslim father disinherited him when he married a Christian. It all seems straightforward until Armand's two sisters are also found dead. Meanwhile, Brenda's parents are visiting for Christmas and have big news: they've decided to move to LA.

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