ssisting another LAPD Division, Brenda and Major Crimes investigated the murder of Gwyneth Adler, a nurse, who was found drugged and raped in a motel bedroom. The room was rented by a George Harris who at check-in had requested two keys and she assumes he had a partner. In court, Brenda finds herself up against defense attorney Philip Stroh who she knows is a serial rapist and murderer but was never able to prove it (see The Closer: Power of Attorney (2009)). Harris had been charged with rape the previous year but charges were dropped when the victim, Nathalie Baldwin, disappeared and couldn't testify in court. Brenda's testimony leads to a mistrial and the judge gives them four weeks to start over again. Nathalie is located but just wants to forget about her ordeal. Brenda sets up a sting to trap him but it doesn't quite go as planned. Brenda is called on the carpet and under orders to leave Stroh alone.

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