he bounty hunters arrive at Jane's motel, and she escapes due to preparations Eda had made beforehand. Jane sees Eda and agrees to pay any price if Eda saves her. Eda and Revy force the bounty hunters to retreat and begin heading to the Black Lagoon. When Russel arrives at the scene, Shenhua demands more money since Eda and Revy are involved. Eda's plan to escape on the Black Lagoon is stymied since Dutch and Benny took it on a job, and they are forced to wait in the Lagoon Company dock house. They are attacked by the bounty hunters, who surround the building. As Shenhua and Sawyer arrive, Revy curses their misfortune, and Rock and Jane are forced to head to the roof when building is set on fire. Meanwhile, Dutch begins speeding back into port and Revy sets a trap for Shenhua.

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