n turkey-hunt, which proves most 'recruits' for the security force are unskilled or inept, Jake and Stanley suddenly see military planes dropping unannounced supplies.Jake, Stanley and the townspeople cautiously inspect the supplies, made and labeled in China, parachute-dropped from Vietnam-era Russian-made airplanes, as Jake noticed. They fear poisoning to prepare a land invasion, but the civilians fight for everything; Gray tastes the food, which come with fliers 'China is your friend - Do not fight'. Mitchell Cafferty's gang plunders Gracie's store, she accepts the mayor's offer to serve as town depot. Stanley sends his girlfriend to get Jake as they even found a generator, but is meanwhile attacked and robbed by Jonah's men, who want compensation for loosing the store. The mayor heads an attempt by persuasion or force to make Jonah surrender at least the generator. Jake and Hawkins discover the parachutes have microchip-tags, only used by the US military...

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