oetz' 'federal team' (in fact Ravenwood's mercenaries, who even kill to steel supplies) claims only to collect supplies for the government, but is met with utter suspicion. The Greens tell Stanley he and everyone else must retreat from the eastern part of town till after the Ravenwood attack. Jake's men stop the vanguard at an improvised roadblock, and are given a four hours ultimatum - they decide to blow up the bridge, irreparably, but Stanley and Bonnie choose to take their chances in their ancestral home farm, while Eric and Johnston are determined to save the bridge at any price. Meanwhile the women plan a wedding for Roger Hammond and Emily Sullivan. Jake makes a solo-stand with the detonator, backed up by Robert Hawkins as sniper, then Eric with Jonah Prowse's men arrive behind the mercenaries and save the day, at least until the neighboring towns are plundered. Gray Anderson (as elected mayor) then pulls rank on Jake: the bridge must stay - they agree instead to train a security force. For training Jake will use granddad's military manual from D-Day.

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