yle insists to keep sleeping in the bad tub, somehow feeling safer and generally better there. Now ma is back at work, the Trager family take turn 'minding' Kyle. At LWK, the software company where pa is VP and boss Brad is secretly planning lay-offs, Kyle proves his technical superiority even to its computer professionals. Josh eagerly uses Kyle's maths talent- to cheat at his summer course test. Lori is back with Declan, and plays hooky from her coffee-bar job, which she thus lost, but tells nothing and leaves Kyle sleeping in the bath while she and her friend spy on Declan. Her lies about men complete Kyle's confusion about truth, white lies and deceit; after deliberation he tells the truth, to the children's prophetic horror and his sadness. His own first lie is to take the blame for neighbor girl Amanda Bloom's car accident which he inadvertently caused. Police Detective Jason Breen tells a corps, artificially bleached, was found in Victor Falls near Kyle's 'birthplace', so he and the parents wonder if Kyle was involved or got traumatized as a witness. The mystery man uses a parabolic antenna to spy on the Tragers and confers with a superior. Kyle starts all Tragers thinking about being true and gets a surprise reward, ma finds a hidden pattern in his 'robotic' Victor Falls drawings.

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