yle's first dream is wet in both senses: happily diving with neighbor girl Amanda. Mystery man Tom Foss returns his security batch after a ten year tenure with 'the firm' - the emblem is the symbol ma assembled from strange fragments on Kyle's subconscient drawings; when his controller finds an anomaly with it and tries to blackmail the 'grey mouse' who apparently had a part in his missing superior's disappearance, Tom kills him. Lori is ordered to take Kyle and Josh to the pool, while the parents arrange his school registration and insist on a private tutor. Josh tries to explain the absurd logic of horny watching without swimming or actually dating the hottest babes, and beats the odds by manipulating Lori to get him presented to Ashleigh, the foxy one he prefers- and a new girl, so she's eager to be invited to the big party a certain Jeff is throwing. Being told about Amanda's job as lifeguard, Kyle jumps in and enjoys being rescued, but naively ignores why his obvious and innocently unhidden erection is laughed at; pa's explanation makes no more sense then common hypocrisy, clever Josh teaches Kyle how to use porn for self-relief behind a closed door; Josh smartly repays Lori by arranging for Kyle to get swimming lessons, luckily from Amanda, and once the prodigy knows the theory performs to Olympic standard in no time. Lori's friend Hillary convinced her and Declan finally to get together again, and tells her so when Lori meanly pulls her off Kyle simply cuddling, just after they actually did it in the bushes, her first time. Kyle finally realizes his body was telling him he's feeling love for Amanda, but then is presented to Charlie, her boyfriend.

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