om Foss intrudes the Trager home while eager Kyle is driven to his first school-day, startled by the complex web of bilateral and social bonding and confused by the effect of bell signals. Bright Josh finds himself in remedial, where the others can barely read and his nasty neighbor Toby Neuwierth, with a record of violent anger, instantly hates the slick smug smart-ass out of pure envy. Ma protests vice principal Bradford Hooper hasn't provided a private tutor, for financial reasons and various unfair blames on Kyle, who is scheduled for placement tests all day. History is a total blank to him, at the first bell he joins the shuffling crowd and solves the 'impossible' math test at MIT level Lori's teacher wrote on a blackboard as cruel carrot, value a term A grade, then drifts to the cafeteria, where Josh notices worried Kyle sits with 'geek' Deichman', social suicide, but who is into comics about superheroes who hide their superpowers -like Kyle's?- and perhaps an interesting first friend, showing him the library, where he reads tons of books at high speed but is unsettled seeing Amanda back with her boy-friend Charlie, even though he kindly offers to help the new boy, yet sensing negative tension, Amanda makes clear she likes only Charlie. Back home, the Trager parents get a visit from Foss as uniformed security firm agent, showing them evidence of a robbery he accidentally stopped, even a dropped knife. When thug Toby attacks Josh for nor reason, Kyle stops him calmly and masterly without violence, but the moronic vandal is believed by the vice-principal. Lori has trouble with ex-friend Hilary, blows it even worse with Declan, but gets out of detention by tipping of maths teacher Miller that Kyle solved the MIT problem, just in time to convince Hooper not to kick him out of school but let him take the five hours tests in under half an hour- he has learned everything already and passes with a perfect score, but chooses class schooling over tutoring, for the social training, and hooks up with Geekman, who draws Kyle as a superhero. Declan forgives Lori just like that. Tom Foss has actually hidden four video-cameras in the Trager home...

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