ven snugly is his 'safe' bathtub, the stormy rain -just like the night before his woods-'birth- gives Kyle nightmares and finally taps in to his memories. Declan McDonough, lightly bleeding, knocks on his window to be let in and crash with him allegedly after a fight with his dad, more appreciated by dad Trager, a veteran of his sport basketball, then by Lori, who atypically doesn't enjoy her birthday, apparently because of her row with Hillary. Kyle shows ma a drawing of a man he saw in his storm dream, but when pa, checking after the power was cut off, finds footprints outdoors and blood on Kyle's window, he thinks it a real criminal tried to break in and tells 'security agent' Foss, who calls his superiors Kyle's returning memory makes the Trager family a potential danger; Kyle later recognizes him vaguely. Kyle is pleased Amanda comes to him rather then boyfriend Charlie while the power is out at her place too; the girls insist to play with a Ouija-board, which answers Kyle's birthday is 781227. Even genius Kyle can't make meteorology reliable, but he does predict striking lightning just in time to get everybody inside first. When Kyle, who is unhappy being the only one without (notably seasonal) memories and traditions, freaks out over Josh's notebook-based theory he's a hybrid from an alien race testing to take over earth, both friends feel miserable. Declan confesses he had the car accident and fled in panic Foss referred to. Kyle recognizes his memory face from missing professor Kern's picture in the newspaper.

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