hen Amanda's boyfriend Charlie sees Kyle's naturally almost infallible basketball shot, pure maths and physics, he asks him on his Bisons school team, which includes initially unamused Declan, who got off with 50 hours community service but hates Lori and Hillary blatantly rivaling even for him. Slick Josh teaches Kyle some cool lingo and outfit, killer shots get him in a week before the Seattle AAU Classic final. Mother Trager and Tom Foss, who prepares an injection and gun, worry about Kyle's intuitive memory picture of missing professor William Kern, now reported on TV to have been found in the woods, dead since four months; SPD detective Jason Breen assures her the police believes Kern was just killed by a 'junkie', actually it was Foss's late boss. Josh smells easy money as bookie and provides basketball books, soon Kyle even aces the hardest Jordan moves. The crude, boasting nonsensical 'winner talk' is lost on Kyle, but he enjoys the game until last minute rudeness kicks in; when the Neanderthal coach insists Declan should keep playing on a badly hurt knee or be thrown from the team, Kyle starts a solidarity walk-off 'we are injured too', so the Bisons forfeit the final. Josh can't afford loosing $200, pa refuses to help even when told he never, ever was nearly as enthusiastic over anything his real son did as now over Kyle's one game sports achievement. The girls make up, neither really appreciates Declan or basketball. In a nightmare, Kyle remembers Foss shooting Kern...

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