entle Kyle eagerly volunteers for a hypnosis session with therapist Dr. Jacob Cassidy, recommended by ma Trager, which unlocks his memory of Foss murdering professor William Kern in the woods, but the rest of his memory is blank except for some gibberish, which clever Josh realizes to be at high speed and then proves to be coordinates nearby; according to Jacob Kyle has paranoiac delusions, according to ma 'just' defensive severe amnesia. Hearing Declan is invited by an impressed basketball scout to Seattle's UW college, where Kern worked, Lori takes Kyle there and falls for student Wes. Kyle meets Kern's former brain stimulation research assistant, to her astonishment aces all Kern's test perfect, better then anyone before, and finds a 1985 picture of students including one resembling himself- it's Adam Baylin, missing for 20 years, then Kern's prodigy research collaborator, who drew the symbol and noted the coordinates in Kyle's subconscience. When Kyle goes to the woods location, which is blocked on Internet, Tom Foss stops him breaking in, and convinces him to stop digging in his past or the Trager family will suffer tragedy- alas the fence security cameras recorded his face...

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