he sinister chief of the strictly guarded 'Company' site which Tom Foss had stopped Kyle from intruding considers the boy's very survival an intolerable breach and coldly orders the 'subject' and his 'protector' dealt with; her man Cyrus Reynolds goes after Tom, actually his former mentor. Enterprising Josh has expectations for Kyle's abilities to read lips and hear voices trough doors, but Kyle decides not to tell anyone he can even understand at great distance if he concentrates till it gets him a painful flash in the brain. Josh finds he didn't need early warning for his remedial results, even earning him a carnival bonus. Declan convinces and helps Kyle to resume the search for his identity, behind Tom's back; they start finding out Foss's address and intrude, thus discovering his secret equipment spying on the Trager home. Tom noticed them escaping and tails them to the carnival, but is knocked down by Cyrus while Kyle listens from the merry-go-round Charlie disdains but Amanda still prefers till the headache gives him a seizure. After Kyle reassures ma in hospital she didn't fail him by loosing her therapist objectivity, he needed to feel like a loved son more then to recover his memory, Detective Jason Breen ushers in David and Julia Peterson, who claim Kyle is their long missing son Noah...

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