fter the cover-story reunion with his 'parents' in Connecticut, Kyle learns that his real host, Adam Baylin, the other unnatural super-brain, was the only surviving baby after a 13 months gestation in a 1950s repeat of secret eugenetic experiments which Einstein's team had to abandon in the 1920s. Adam has developed a way to do it without crushing survival odds by inventing an artificial womb and oxygen-providing fluid, which the symbol stands for at Zzyzx, where the experimental embryos are carefully monitored, only Kyle was actually full-grown and 'born' yet. Over Internet Kyle gets a taste of the Trager family's disruption as he is missed no less the he craves for their human warmth, Josh actually protests his ma is too distracted to care for his punishment being found out holding a party in the parents's absence. Kyle is only allowed to contact them up to two minutes at a time, so Adam's whereabouts cannot be traced, but security chief Tom Foss's precaution gets ignored when Adam has a seizure. Adam shows Kyle their superior brain has almost unlimited possibilities, even telekinesis, but strains their comparatively inferior bodies excessively, dramatically eating into life-expectancy without precautions. Adam is already needing help from his old friend Brian Taylor, yet he dies in Kyle's arms after being shot. Tom and Foss independently go to the Company's Zzyzx section to blow it up viz. save the other test person(s)...

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