hen Julian Ballantine accepts a family dinner invitation as dad's new boss, Kyle stuns with his ICT knowledge and sees the man has Baylin's lost ring, which he knows to be the key to his storage device, so he gets dad to take him along to Madacorp for a day, but only witnesses severe security. Andy cruelly tells Josh not to mention her cancer, even talking to her- so he tells ma, under the seal of therapeutic confidence, who advises just to be there for her till she's ready to talk. Foss is furious that Kyle brings Declan along to plan an attempt to get the ring during a company festivity, which means bailing out on a concert date with Amanda, yet accepts the third man in Kyle's elaborate plan, which reveals more then he bargained for; getting the ring despite a glitch requires an improvised elevator-McGyverism, Kyle-calculus and Foss's self-sacrifice. Balantine ignores the importance of the Laknok-ring, unlike his surprising visitor...

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