yle gets crushing headaches, but is relieved when Amanda makes up for jumping to conclusions, yet supportive now she considers leaving. Ballantine feels Foss's bad brain damage is less then feared, so he's willing to strap Kyle on the chair, which even Brian Taylor finds an excessive risk. Andy tells Josh it's their last day together, because her sickening chemotherapy starts the next day, so they should make it special, getting intimate for the first time, but Josh won't taste only to have it taken away almost straight away- that sinks in... Lori wants revenge on Jessi, but allows Hillary to perform circus 'psychotherapy'. Kyle hears a mayhem of voices in his head, which subside when Baylin appears, as a construct of his own mind, to make him realize Jessi is too dangerous, he must trust only himself; yet Kyle answers Emily's prayer to seek and help Jessi, after an admission both their families are in danger, Nicole fails to stop him; Kyle finds Jessi... At Madacorp Stefan accidentally overhears Taylor tell Foss he failed and it will be even worse for Kyle, Ballantine only cares for retrieving data...

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