mily helps Foss escape, but on Julian's orders? Stephen discovers Madacorp seems to be behind everything fishy; he and ma are caught searching Josh's room for the 'Kye files', and tell the kids their doubts; yet only 'alien-watcher' Josh refuses now to doubt big brother's noble innocence; Declan and Foss, both trying to protect Kyle, must intervene and join the family's secret-sharing to stop pa calling the police. Kyle and Jessi discover their unique similarities in the woods on a trail of clues started by a hole in Kyle's ring he discovers to project a map and the photo of young Adam and a Jessi-lookalike, reading to a log cabin basement where they find Adam Baylin, sort of comatose, and decide to tap into his brain-waves together- Adam urges Kyle to stop, as she betrays him...

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