yle believes Jessi must have died from the jump down the waterfall. Foss concurs, adding him Latnok still operates, for his and Adam's benefit, so he should go home to tell the Tanners the truth about Madacorp while Foss goes to a safer location. To Kyle's sadness, Amanda has already left for the conservatory without saying goodbye. Loony Lori hugs him because Declan dumped her over something she didn't do and determines to seduce the first cute kid in sight. Kyle decides to overload the CIR chair with his superior brain but Emily Hollander catches him. Even master manipulator Josh is disgusted when Andy emotionally blackmails a man with her cancer, but must keep her entertained as cover. In the meantime, CEO Julian Ballantine was waiting for Kyle. Kyle establishes mental contact with Jessi then dares Ballantine to put him in the chair. Stephen escapes to make the link, and ma Nicole convinces Jessi, who escaped with Emily's help, to return Kyle's saving intervention, which causes a city-wide power-cut. Kyle's escape allows Brian Taylor to have Ballantine fired by the council, Emily gets his job. Foss leaves, now the Tanners can fully parent Kyle, who thanks him warmly and promises to keep making his sacrifices worthwhile. Brian tells Jessi he's her father...

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