ow Adam Baylin is dead and Zzyzxx exploded, his confident Brian Taylor plays Kyle's lawyer to make the Tragers believe his refound parents died a week ago in a car accident and named them his permanent guardians, having no other relatives alive. The family is as eager -despite Josh's disappointment his home hero isn't an alien- to accept this story as Kyle is to be back with them, dropping the name Noah. Tom stops Kyle just in time from disclosing his secrets to Declan, who is most insistent. Meanwhile Julian Ballantine, the CEO of Madacorp, which owned Zzyzx, engages a 'retrieval specialist, Emily Hollander, to find Jessi XX, who is 'born' and starts life outside the artificial womb by strangling a frisky camper with a single hand; finding her also leads to discovering Kyle is still alive, making him the next assignment...

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