yle is happy to help everyone, obliging family and friends as tutor, study group mentor, dad's cooking - and Lori's song composition inspiration and Amanda's excuse. However Kyle sleepwalks, becomes unpredictable and clumsy, has black-outs, as his brilliant brain plays unprecedented tricks on him. Stephen exchanges his maths - for Hillary's culinary expertise. Lori gets Mark to point out her weaknesses, according to Hillary a sexual substitute for her soul-mate Declan; he accepts her lyrics in exchange. Josh saves face by asking the only person smart enough to work Kyle wonders: Jessi, who cruelly abuses the situation, but Andy's cancer remission makes up for seriously sore muscles. Jessi diagnoses Kyle's condition results from curing Andy's blood cancer, without consciously trying. Kyle's abilities return, but out of control, especially hearing too loud. Adam arrives, sees the jukebox record and realizes that's the source, containing subliminal messages, a secret trick he developed with Jessi's late mother Sara, carrying an 'impossible' message.

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