o Josh's surprise, Andy wants to celebrate her remission by joining the prom. Organizing it with Andy remains a nightmare for Amanda and her dubiously helpful friend Hilary. Even if that requires fake dates with actual Seniors, easily fixed: Amanda and Kyle, but funding a money-pit that even Declan's long preparations could barely handle in a matter of hours is a daunting task, especially now Kyle is unavailable. Sara, implores Kyle to protect her against her ex Brian and his ambition to rejoin Latnoc's program. Kyle decides to talk Jessi out of the meeting that Brian set up at Latnoc (feeling she's finally ready) by promising her the coveted reunion with her mother (although she doesn't want Kyle to find her mother). While Declan helps Kyle search, Jessi helps Josh win radio contests and breaks up with Brian, so the Trager family considers taking her in. While the prom planning takes several twists, Tom pays Brian an ominous surprise visit.

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