yle may be happy as a clam to be back in the Trager family fold, the others worry if he really is because he is often absent and won't tell them where and why- in fact it's mainly a matter of secretly training his body beyond normal limits in an exercise program Tom Foss elaborates for him in the abandoned industrial building where Foss hides, almost alone with a guilt Kyle guesses: he once was the drunk driver who caused the death of his own wife and kid in a car accident. Amanda Bloom still hasn't come to terms with Kyle's silence on Charlie's infidelity. Declan is on Foss's trail, but finds a photographic warning... Tom desperately needs the cellphone emergency code Kyle gave him when he finds himself dangling in a painful, dangerously high position while preparing the exercise wall for Kyle's next round, which now comes quicker and for real. Alas, rushing to Foss's rescue also means bailing out last-minute on the big family diner for Josh's birthday, which already is a desperately low-key event now pa can no longer afford to pay for the car he promised the bright boy for his 18th birthday after passing his driver's exam first time, maximal marks, since pa was laid off by the computer company after a sudden take-over, so the apparent desertion of his best friend makes the cheerful kid bitter, but there is an alternative, and a new, unusual girlfriend...

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