hile getting contradictory love lessons from cheeky girl customer Andy Jensen and Josh, who feels confident his 'new' car -it takes all-knowledgeable Kyle to finish repairs beyond dad's abilities- will give him enough status to score with his biology class mate Davah, Kyle gets a premonition, just before Jessi enters and the earth quakes, but it was a memory of Adam Baylin's urn with a Hungarian postcard message, viz allotti 'under water', shortly before he actually receives it in the post. Andy coaches Josh's courting, dad warns him a first date can be way beneath expectations, as in his case before dating ma. Touching Adam's books gives Kyle another vision, in which he receives a note with the same text, it's real but Tom saw him write it, they check the post card is also in Kyle's handwriting: is his subconsciousness talking, not the future? Soon Kyle realizes he can now control his memories like a computer, and even take different viewpoints within each, from the moment Adam told Kyle he's the heir of all his knowledge and abilities. Kyle remembers Adam hid something in a book: a music CD, the hidden message on which he alone can hear while submerged. Davah stands Josh up, so Andy... Kyle deciphers Adam's warning: not to trust Foss, who just mysteriously disappeared without a trace!

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