osh is not only banned from the school dance, he even gets cleaning duty including that day just for borrowing a dead man's car radio waiting for Kyle to fix his, which Jessi ends up doing. However bigot principal Bradford Hooper forbids same-sex couples to attend, and after Nicole's vivid protest extends the banishment as punishment for 'civil disobedient' protest by Andy, Lori and Hilly to her 'hoodlum family' boys Josh and even Kyle who had a hall pass from an understanding teacher. Amanda thanks Kyle for getting her a piano and invites him to the alternative dance Andy organizes with most of the cool crowd, but he desperately needs a dance lesson- from grand moves-master Josh. Lori is ready to make up with Declan, but he is now more drawn to Jessi, who taught she was following 'sister' Emily's instructions to make friends -meaning Kyle, she also makes sure new Madacorp colleague Steven knows about them- but is forbidden in vain to see him again. Andy keeps toying cruelly with Josh, as if he were a bigot like Charlie, but ends up kissing the unbroken cutie, who gets to show his worth as dancer and for once Kyle's teacher. After the party, Declan and Kyle come clean again to both's uneasy relief.

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