poker game with the mayor gets Shark's team better offices. Detective Joe Rodriguez, LAPD undercover narcotics, is shot; the police still sees Shark as the enemy: this is his chance to change that by getting the cop killer convicted; D.A. Devlin accepts to put Shark on the case in the hope he'll fail. The suspect is Scott Ransom, from a rich family, twice escaped conviction for drug dealing, about to be arrested again with narcotics. His girl-friend is his alibi, his defense lawyer is Shark's best disciple, Elliott Dasher, no loss in years. Rodriguez' partner Isaac Wright witnessed everything except the actual shooting. Martin Allende is too direct when approaching the grieving family about possible character assassination by the defense. Casey Woodland must get forensic data before it is destroyed, while the judge is a noted stickler for search procedures. Ransom is arrested after the find of a bag of speed with his blood on it. Wright carries a grudge because Sharke suggested eight years ago he beat a confession out of his abusive client Palmer, which got Wright transferred although it didn't stick in court. Scott's girlfriend Carrie Reed won't even talk to charming Casey; he finds a neighbor who notices Ransom's Ferrari leave and return, but that didn't leave him enough time to go hide the speed in his house- Shark accuses Wright of planting the bag himself but the LAPD stands by him. Devlin offers a 15 years plea, Dasher refuses. The trial will be a hard confrontation...

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