militia group takes Tom's brother (and two other airmen) hostage in Afghanistan, throwing the after-party into turmoil -- and lock-down, as the press discover the relationship. Jordan has pregnancy complications and is rushed to the hospital. Danny catches up as soon as he can. When the complications turn to a C-section, he proffers the engagement ring he's been carrying around; Jordan accepts. Mary Tate (lawyer) mentions that there are international liaisons who have a decent record of ransoming hostages. Matt wrestles with the implications, then asks her to sound them out. Due to the situation, he breaks their dinner date, although she continues to come on to him. All of this is set against flashbacks to 9/11 and the S60 season premier that Friday. Wes was in the hospital, leaving Matt & Danny in his stead. Jack refuses to postpone the premier, adding the restriction that they control their script content. We see the early conflicts leading up to their dismissal. The 2001 Jack is a less complete character (so far), but fun to meet. The 2001 Andy is a nice contrast. Harriet prays for the hostages, rekindling her running religious debate with Matt, including a lovely round of flashbacks through their years together. Harriet's religion enjoys a strong presentation, perhaps on par with Matt's agnostic (atheist) views, to which he adds a sight-only punctuation mark in the final seconds of the episode. Most of all, they're working *together* again, despite their differences.

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