fter Lina's discovery of Richie's secret--that he's married, she tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore. Richie starts driving around and when he's distracted by a bee, he crashes into a convenience store. When the police ask him to get out of the car, he refuses cause he doesn't want to live without Lina. When the press arrive and among them is Holly who upon realizing that she knows Richie calls Kyle to get Richie's phone number, which he doesn't know. But he's with Ethan who calls Kat but who claims she discarded it so he calls Duncan who gives it. Upon learning what happened, he and Nicole go there and try to talk to Richie. Ethan then calls Kat to tell her what happened and that Richie's on the news and that's when he talks about his feelings for Lina.

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