gainst Agent Graham Kelton's advice, Senator Jeffrey Collins goes on TV to post a reward. Fisherman Peter 'Cap' Manning finally calls to tell the hot line he believes to recognize Sara Collins as his 12 years ago partner Nicky Johnson, but that info drowns in masses. A hair in her hotel-room proves the senator's son Max visited his till six months ago completely estranged mother, Jeffrey's first wife Jessica Nevins, who may be manipulating the kid. Marcy still only contacts Max; a threatening man who asks how well she knows her boyfriend Ben Wilson brings a bloody sweater, she asks Kelton to check for Sara's blood- no type match. The FBI checks all surveillance cameras in Atlanta to track presumed kidnapper Mark Valera's route; Kelton sees a possible car switch or drop inside a tunnel, which proves a complex structure to search but has an obvious fingerprint in Sara's blood; the booby trap in the place she was held in explodes, Kelton is trapped but gets out by exit 929, the number on the Nathan prayer card. Ex-mayor Curtis McNeal's wife Amanda's autopsy shows she lived two months after her disappearance; Curtis tells Kelton to ask the senator how 'they' control him, then says it's all his fault and commits suicide on the spot; Jeffrey still won't tell Kelson his secret.

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