udy, who found Nicky's photos are gone from the Gloucester bar in Massachusettes too, gets the scoop of senator Collins' hospitalization, actually a ploy to buy Kelton more time to look for Sara. In the Acacia reservoir, an empty coffin is found, with Amanda's missing earring and scratch marks: she was buried alive. Ben Wilson was shipped to federal lock-up behind Kelton's back yet under his faked signature; Kelton has to shoot an unknown other prisoner to stop Ben being knifed to death, returns him to the FBI field office and tells Sullivan is a fake name, probably to find out what Ben knows, now he tells Kelton musician Quinn Teeler was the one who gave him the money. Peter Manning's car was burglarized, Judy swears she didn't take the tape and tells her copy was erased; they decide to air the story, which triggers the senator's memories. At Quinn's place a secret hatch down is found into a tunnel system, where only maintenance staff is found, but so is Quinn outside, actually a fake identity, she pretends to be running for her ex but her laptop accesses live video of Sara's cell, very hard to localize till a third radio van is prepared for triangulation; she then informs the press. Her tattoo only matches four prisoners, all dead; during transfer she steals a pen and writes a secret code on her palm to show on TV, again masonic, coded to read pull the plug- the video is cut off. The senator receives Peter Manning, refuses to believe Nicky is Sara, but is convinced by Manning knowing about a scar, yet it's publicly denied.

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