arcy tells Ben they're expecting a baby, he starts acting paternal. Senator Collins promises in a press conference his vote for Judge Wallace Rainer's nomination as U.S. Supreme Court justice; Marcy overhears an ominous insistence call by Wallace. Judy fails to flirt her way into a tip from Lucas. Morell's file on Sara predates Jeffrey's election by years, and minutes before his suicide he sent a long number by never before used secure satellite phone to an untraceable destination. / Morell had a uniquely designed exclusive entrance chip implanted. Sara's captors, a whole team which uses injections, feels she's finally 'ready', pretend to her Jeffrey refuses to cooperate and insist he took Jessica back in. The unique number fits a freight train arrival in Atlanta; it doesn't stop but Lucas and Mei observe cars stopping there for a box transfer, both with fake license plates; he tails and enters the abandoned warehouse they came to alone, without a search warrant; men with masonic wrist-tattoos carry the box into a lab, it contains only a page from an ancient document in Hebrew script, which is joined and scanned with several other pages. Lucas finds the card Christo made opens the door to the data-server room and starts sending copies by PDA, but is caught by an armed guard; bluffing with Mei's single shot as surrounding FBI agents' gets him to escape, but the crooks get away with the parchments and trigger the data-servers to auto-destruct. The partial copies are identified by an expert as Ezechiel 40, part of the missing chapters in the Dead Sea scrolls, the oldest Bible transcript. Theologian Aaron Hensleigh, who claimed to have seen it ten years ago, illegally excavated under Jerusalem's Temple Mount, is scheduled to be executed in five days for murdering three colleagues and his wife. Marcy, who lied to Ben she was feeling weak, visits Judge Wallace Rainer, accusing him of controlling the kidnappers and threatening to go public about their past unless he calls them off and withdraws his candidature.

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