revor has a hard time being paraded around as public hero while killing didn't feel right at all, yet reaffirms his patriotic sense of duty and tells Roxy it cancels his preference for being with his family while his unit is deployed. Pamela initially declines an offer to work for commercial radio in Atlanta, but resigns when censored by Lt. Colonel Evan Connors for questioning army tour rules together with Claudia-Joy on air. General Holden overrules that while Pam waves a topics list suggested by the Atlanta station boss. Roxy rightly questions a contractor's estimate for the Hump Bar's rebuilding, which Betty announces is all hers as chemo fails so she's off to a Californian clinic. Frank calls off his objections to Denise riding Mac's motorbike, yet she bitches about his phrasing and resumes 'morning dates' with doc Ghetti.

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