hit has become the favorite playmate of still absent Trevor's boys, even initially hostile TJ. Roxy is livid and unforgiving when she learns that Pamela told Whit to leave the base as a potential marriage breaker. Chandler and Claudia Joy take the case of the Salvadoran wife of Afghanistan-deployed specialist Antonio Cabrera to prevent her eviction by Imigration because of paperwork, which only media pressure can solve. General Holden g-reluctantly cooperates and spreads joy on the base: his division is returning home early. Colonel Frank Sherwood lets Denise drag him to grieving therapy, but furiously refuses to stand by when group member Laura, who lost her husband in action, calls the war senseless. Whit hands Roxy's construction to a colleague, for the same price. Claudia Joy's exploratory surgery proves her tumor benign, not spread.

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