ichael refuses to believe Claudia Joy when she finally realizes that Audrey's completely right about the Clarkes' dirty campaign tricks, including his ludicrously grand flag ceremony, resembling a pompous coronation, yet hesitates to play the card of their Kosovo period break-up. By the time she does, even Denise is focused on Jackie and Roxie takes over the unruly tween group. Trevor build confidence now his platoon's NCO families understand about the 'distrous' barbecue he and Roxie hosted but tried to make up for, and warns her that stepping in also means pushing one of his NCO's wife away. General Clarke duly scolds Joan's miserable communications concerning the move, which is already behind schedule. Roland, who accepted chairing a group for troubled youngsters half an hour a week at Heather's day care center, gets her to coach how to improve information for families, not the stiff military way, and it works.

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