ed Bronson is fired by Joe Samuels because he failed, in Samuels eyes, to bring down Alex Vega. Bronson goes to Alex and tells him that Samuels is planning to disrupt Jamie and Rebecca's wedding. Alex hires Ramon and his men to provide security at the wedding but their overzealous security causes Pancho's fury. A highly-strung Joe Samuels calls an unknown person asking them if his wedding present to Alex Vega will be delivered on time. As the wedding party are secure unknown men set light to the Duque cane plantation. Rebecca tells Jamie that she cheated on him at her bachelorette party and he drives off to the cane fields and gets caught in the inferno. Alex manages to find him and Rebecca and Jamie are finally wed. Frank tells the family that the fire destroyed a third of the fields. Alex tells the family the circumstances of Samuels involvement in Lucia's death and how he had Quinones killed. Amalia becomes angry with Pancho and tells Alex she wants justice and for him to finish it. Alex goes after Joe Samuels and as he confronts him an unknown shooter shoots and kills Joe through the windows of his house.

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