elations between Ellen and Tom get frosty when Patty asks her if Tom offered her a job. Ellen says he didn't but then becomes paranoid at the thought that either Patty already knew or that Tom might tell her that he had. She and Tom agree to keep it a secret, but Ellen has her doubts. Ray Fiske is trying to keep Greg Malina from being deposed and launches an effort to quash Patty Hewes subpoena. Patty continues to protect Greg but he decides to disappear. Patty is still dealing with her son's situation. She surprised that he wants to remain at his special "school" and at the major changes in his personality. In the flash forward, Ellen reveals why she was staying at Patty Hewes apartment when she was attacked, but the police doubt her story when they are unable to find the man she claims she killed in self-defense. Patty has disappeared and Ellen begs Tom to find her as she is convinced that all of these events are connected to the Frobisher case. The police formally charge Ellen with murder.

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