lmost a year has passed since Ellen Parsons left Hewes and Associates. She is now working in the District Attorney's office and is dealing with a fairly important drug case, trying to get a dealer to reveal the identity of his supplier. Patty Hewes is now acting on behalf of a group of investors trying to recover money they had entrusted to Louis Tobin and who, it turns out, was running a Ponzi scheme. With billions of dollars unaccounted for, Patty is trying to find any funds that may have been hidden by the Tobin family. Patty and Ellen have had no contact since her departure but Patty has been reluctant to re-assign her office, convinced that Ellen will return. She even sends her an expensive handbag. Ellen wants nothing to do with her however and when she thinks Patty may be interfering with her drug case, tells her she doesn't need any help. She also tells her that any secrets she may have are perfectly safe. In a flash-forward 6 months into the future, Patty Hewes is in a serious accident when another car broadsides her vehicle in an intersection. The occupant of the other vehicle has fled but it is registered to someone she knows.

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