ith Patty's help, Ellen hires her investigator, Malcolm, to look into her sister's drug case. She also asks him to look into her own background and particularly her one time babysitter, Ann. Patty meanwhile is under threat of removal from the Tobin case when a group petitions the judge in the case to remove her. She explains the lead with Tessa Marchetti but he gives her one week to come up with something concrete or she's out. Tom wants to lean on Tessa but Patty flatly refuses. Under ever increasing financial pressure, Tom ignores Patty's orders and approaches Tessa pushing the young woman into the arms of the DA. Marilyn Tobin meanwhile is outraged that the charity she has supported for many years will not allow her to make the annual trip to Africa. She suggests to Ray Winstone that he get Stuart Zedeck to help her out.

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