atty Hewes wants to know why Louis Tobin called Danielle Marchetti on that fateful Thanksgiving day he told his family about his Ponzi scheme. She is concerned that once Tobin is sentenced, he will have no interest or reason to cooperate with her as she tries to find any money he may have hidden. The DA agrees to a one day delay in the sentencing and he's brought in for furthering questioning. The DA asks Ellen to sit in on the interview. Louis Tobin is also concerned about reports that his son Joe is drinking again and tells the family lawyer, Leonard Winstone, to do something about it. He also also a plan for dealing with his planned sentencing. Patty Hewes has lunch with her son Michael, whom she's not seen for awhile. He seems to have adjusted to life as an adult but isn't entirely truthful with her. Ellen confronts her sister about what she found in her bag. In a flash forward 5 months into the future, the NYPD detectives tell Patty what they know about Tom Shayes.

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