he judge in the Tobin case puts pressure on Patty to start producing results in recovering the funds from the Ponzi scheme or face being replaced. She seeks information from who an expert resource who has a particular quid pro quo in mind. Patty's solution involves the ambitious Alex Benjamin, who is ever more desperate to join the firm. For Tom Shayes, the impact of his own financial losses are heavy. The post-mortem on Danielle Marchetti reveals heart failure but Ellen has her doubts. The DA puts in charge of investigating Marchetti's death. Tobin finally meets the mysterious Mr. Zedeck, his father's partner who may have access to the hidden cash. In a flashforward 4 months into the future, the police have evidence that it could have been Tom Shayes driving the car that struck Patty's car in the intersection. They also find something interesting in the trunk of his car.

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