atrick makes a business deal with Congressman Skip Whatley, then is convinced that he is attracted to him. Karen goes to get an abortion, but couldn't go through with it and Simon spots her leaving the clinic. Andrea finds a condom in Brian's suitcase after he returned with Karen and Nick, and throws him out of his house (Brian went on the trip to have sex with Mei-Ling, his ex-wife, but then backs out - so he got kicked out for no reason). Karen is forced to tell Nick about the pregnancy with Simon's baby, but Nick tells her that he still loves her. Their is a party at the Darling's house, and Simon threatens Karen that she can't do anything to stop him coming near her or the baby - ever. Simon finds out about his baby, and decides to have Jeremy not kill him. Nola was happy that Simon was going to kill himself, because only then would he reveal where Nola's brother is. Nola now starts freaking out when Jeremy tells her that Simon is not going to die, and says that she is still going to kill him, and Jeremy decides to follows her plan...

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