ick finds out that Lisa has decided to write a 'tell-all' unauthorized book on the Darlings. Nola stabs Simon Elder with a letter opener, finally getting the information as to the whereabouts of her kidnapped brother. She decides not to go back to New York. Jeremy proposes to her hoping that she will stay but to no avail. But he moves on pretty quickly, going to Vegas with Simon's nurse and ends up marrying her. Karen and Nick agree to see each other, but after Karen sees Nick with Lisa she falls down stairs and ends up miscarrying Simon's baby. Patrick begins to fall for Congressman Whatley's wife, Dana, but is warned off her by the Congressman. Elsewhere, Brian takes it upon himself to re-decorate Nick's apartment to the intense disapproval of Nick. Nick finds out from Simon that it was his father behind all of Simon's deeds and that he is very much alive.

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