aurie discovers that Michael's blood group is peculiarly Asian and,although it does not match the dead youth's, his finger-prints are found on the baby's buggy,which Colly and Didi discover,abandoned in the hospital grounds.It also contains a Muslim prayer for protection. Mal's son, who lives with his estranged wife, was playing by the railway lines, and took a photo showing that the dead youth was actually pushed,at which point Laurie's superior,Carpenter, takes over the case. D.C. Choudhury answers an appeal and names the corpse as an illegal Afghani immigrant and drug-pusher, probably killed in a gangland revenge. Whilst Laurie is surprised to find Jen has brought home Gerry, a man they met on the train, Nuss - hopeful to adopt Michael - discovers her brother Khalil agitated and blood-stained.

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