ick takes Michael home and confesses to Colly, his dead wife's sister, that he wants to keep him but Didi tells Colly a child needs a mother and Nuss and Danny are in the frame for the adoption. Khalil freaks out at a royal visit and is briefly taken in by Laurie,which angers Ibra,who confronts his son with the computer photos,to be told they were from the past and that Khalil is changed. Pat meets old flame Maureen who tells him she lived next to the old lady with her friend's daughter Katie - now in Manchester and Michael's mother - and an Afghani boy. But he is not Farid as believed as the real Farid turns up to say he was his brother. Jen and Gerry get close as he goes with her to hospital,where her condition is re-diagnosed as physical degeneration and not Alzheimer's. Laurie and Mal also get close but,as Pat takes Maureen to the police to explain her innocence, Mal is hit by a car whilst pursuing Sohel, one of the train passengers.

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