polier; Reveals End. Two months later, Laurie, still limping from the accident that killed Mal,learns that Jen and Gerry are to marry. Maureen, having told the police she was on the bridge when the boy jumped but did not push him, lives with Pat. Farid, Michael's real father,is preparing to collect him from a resentful Nick and will raise him helped by Maureen.However Maureen steals Michael and takes him to Katie,his mother,who is not interested. She returns to Pat,telling him she shopped Farid for drug-dealing,causing his brother to kill himself as he was left on his own. Pat then kills her for having deserted him twice over,though Michael is safe. Khalil is imprisoned on suspicion of terrorism for having been at the camp in Pakistan and Nuss and Danny fear this will harm their adoptions chances forever.

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