am saw Aubrey and Nick kissing and sped off on his bike. Soon he fell and injured himself. Sam is taken to hospital. When Nick and Aubrey, Owen and Alison, and Ikey make it there, The Commander and Dean Leslie tell them doctors suspect internal bleeding. Janet is with them and Hannah is with Sam. The accident was caused by something that Sam had eaten. Something with peanuts which Sam is allergic to. To his horror, Owen realizes that he was the one who fed the cake to Sam. Meanwhile, Physical Phil and Pizza Girl are enjoying each other's company. A fraternity moves in the house next door and the first guy Phil and Pizza Girl encounter is already thinking about her aloud and trying to flirt with her. The doctors tell Hannah that Sam needs surgery and she has a hard time dealing with the situation. The Commander, Dean and Aubrey leave, so Hannah naturally seeks comfort from Nick. Janet encounters Eddie, who tries to apologize for blowing her off at the party. Janet does not want to talk to him, but allows him to come along while she fetches Sam's teddy walrus. Owen confesses to Hannah and Nick. Sam's surgery begins.

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