hen the Devil sends Sam out to catch his latest soul, Sam mistakenly thinks that the escaped soul is his mean, former biology high school teacher, Mr. Sprong. He in fact learns that a former student is the soul and Mr. Sprong is the target. But Mr. Sprong is still alive and Sam attacks him with the vessel, a wooden mallet. The gang is forced to keep the nasty Mr. Sprong locked up in order to prevent him from pressing assault charges. Meanwhile, Ted reclaims his former job as manager of the Work Bench. He asks Sock to dress up in a costume to represent the Work Bench's wrench mascot. But this soon clashes with the rival Bargain Bench store down the road who have a similar mascot. Also, Ben rashly decides to face a demon who lusts after Nina when she goes "into heat". This does not sit well with her as she wants to exile herself to Hell temporarily.

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