he Devil pairs Sam and Morgan against each other to capture an escaped soul as part of a contest who which one of them will win and be Satan's right-hand person on Earth. Naturally, Morgan wants to win so badly that he'll take advantage of Sam's lack of intelligence and common sense to try to throw him off. Meanwhile, Sam and the rest of his friends finally track down Alan Townsend where they try to get him to talk about how Sam can get out of his life-long contract with the Devil. Meanwhile, Ben's grandmother comes for a visit and takes an instant dislike to Nina due to her psychic ability to "see" the evil in people, and Ben does not have the nerve to stand up to his own abrasive grandma. Also, Sock tries to woo a young woman, named Olivia, whom he meets at a funeral, and then tries to gain an inheritance check from the diseased person that he never knew.

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