ook collects Charlie and they and Emma drive to Emma's parents' holiday home, where they can stay for a few days. Emma discovers that Cook has had sex with Charlie and comes to realize that his feelings for Charlie are deeper than they are for her. After Emma's parents have left Louie arrives, having traced Cook's car and demands Charlie return with him though she refuses. Louie leaves but the trio know they must flee and later come across Emma's parents' empty car and work out that Louie has killed them. They escape into the snow-covered woods and take shelter in a disused bunker where Charlie tells Cook the only way out is for him to kill Louie, though - having killed one man - he is reluctant. Seeing Charlie and Cook kissing Emma leaves the bunker and next day Cook and Charlie come across her body hanging from a tree. She has been murdered by Louie. Louie pulls a gun on Cook but they struggle and Cook gets the upper hand. Charlie demands Cook pulls the trigger but he refuses, knocking Louie out. With the police on their way to arrest Louie Cook tells Charlie he doubts if they will ever meet again and she drives away. Cook leans over Emma's body before walking into the distance.

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